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Staff Reporter (25 June, 2021)

You can pretty much get any design built

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For the closing weekend of Bedwyr Williams, MILQUETOAST, Southwark Park Galleries present, Bedwyr Williams’ Second Jab: Architecture Competition.

Imagine that while on holiday you save the life of the brattish child of a world-famous architect who has fallen into the hotel pool. The architect (known for designing museums, opera houses and galleries) is very wealthy and is so grateful that he offers to build a new museum of your choice, designed by you. His profile means that you can pretty much get any design built, anywhere – your neighbourhood or beyond. Bedwyr Williams’ Second Jab: Architecture Competition invites you to create a model of this exciting new building.

Entry is open to all and participants may use any materials they’d like (but definitely no hazardous elements or toxic materials!). Models must not exceed a 60cm x 60cm footprint and entrants must supply the following info:

  • What is your museum a museum of? (It could be a museum of hair, magnifying glasses or tracky bottoms)
  • Where is it located?
  • What is its name?

On Saturday 10 July entrants should bring their models to Southwark Park Galleries’ Lake Gallery Garden at 2pm. All the museum models will create a bustling Cultural Quarter and Bedwyr Williams will be awarding prizes.

At 4pm the artist will deliver a reading-performance on architecture at the event.

Enquires to

The exhibition Bedwyr Williams, MILQUETOAST runs at Southwark Park Galleries until 11 July 2021.
1 Park Approach // Southwark Park // London SE16 2UA


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