The Vantage Point of Malcolm Franklin

Staff Reporter (07 July, 2021)

Exhibition shows the inspiration from growing up on a farm


Malcolm Franklin is an artist working in almost every conceivable medium. This exhibition will have sculptures, drawings and original prints that relate to the inspiration he still gets from a childhood spent growing up on a farm.

Although he was born and raised in England, Malcolm is now based in Italy. The historic artists and art movements of this country offer significant inspiration for the British artist. His attention to the smooth, haptic sensibility of marble and other stones echoes the sensitive, evocative sculpted lines of Antonio Canova. The rolling and roiling forms of his works remind us of the focus on vitality, movement and the primacy of the mechanical that appears in pre-World War I Italian Futurism. And his muted colour palettes and attention to the modest shapes of farm implements suggest the ‘everyday’ approach of Arte Povera artists.

Eames Fine Art Print Gallery, 58 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3UD until 8th August.


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