New live music night coming to Bermondsey’s Maltby Street

Kit Heren (16 September, 2021)

The event, which begins on Thursday September 23 will be a mix of blues, jazz and country, among other styles

48045La Perra Blanco (Zig Pix)

A new music night is coming to Bermondsey’s Maltby Street, starting from next week.

The weekly event, which begins next Thursday (September 23) will be a mix of blues, jazz, country, rhythm & blues, rockabilly and skiffle, among other genres.

Malted Shake will be held at Malt Bar on Maltby Street from 6pm-10pm. Aisha Khan and Leo Castro, owners of nearby Castro’s barbershop, are also helping to organise the event.

Aisha Khan said: “We have really missed live music events throughout the lockdown and we love Bermondsey as it’s such a vibrant area full of great food, bars, art and design. We felt like music was the final missing part of the cultural landscape and when Malt built a stage in their new bar, we knew we had to get involved.”

The first night will be led by La Perra Blanco, a young female Spanish guitarist and singer.

Tickets are £13.52 including a service charge and are on sale here.


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