£5,000 sponsorship for Irish dancers off to the USA

Katherine Johnston (16 January, 2019)

'We are absolutely delighted with the donation and the opportunity it allows the dancers'


Irish Dancers at Deborah Whelan dance school in Dulwich are celebrating after receiving an incredible £5,000 in sponsorship to help them compete in this year’s World Championships in the USA.

Hannah Cidon, Amber Murphy, Mary-Kate Nealon, Lexie-Mae O’Sullivan, Maisie Ryan and Nancy Timon, all from Southwark, are aiming to compete at the event in North Carolina in April known as the ‘Olympics of Irish dance’.

Their hopes have been given a boost by Dartford-Based Able Skills Ltd, who donated £5,000 in sponsorship to help cover the costs of travelling to the states to compete with around 5,000 other dancers in front of 25,000 spectators.

Their teacher Deborah Whelan told the News: “We are absolutely delighted with the donation and the opportunity it allows the dancers.

“Flights and accommodation to Greensboro are, as you can imagine, very expensive and some parents of children who have been lucky enough to qualify for the World Championships, can’t afford to go.

“This sponsorship from Able helps all six girls to get to America and the opportunity to take part in the largest and best competition they can.

“I am very grateful to Able Skills for their generosity.”

A spokesperson for the company, a construction training provider, told the News: “Able Skills are happy to help local people achieve their goals, whether it is going to the Irish dancing world championships, or anyone coming to get qualified in one of our gas, electricity and construction courses.”


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