75% of Southwark students passed English and Maths in ‘positive and reassuring’ upward trend

Katherine Johnston (22 August, 2020)

The council now has results data for the majority of schools in Southwark

38442Kingsdale students celebrate getting their GCSEs

Provisional GCSE results show ‘positive and reassuring’ trend in Southwark as three-quarters pass English and Maths.

The council now has results data for the majority of schools in Southwark.

Further figures are expected throughout the coming days but, so far, they show all schools have posted improvements compared with 2019 in four key measures – putting them in the best position in the last three years.

In the period 2018 to 2020 the English Baccalaureate at grade 4+ and grade 5+ has had a three-year upward trend. 

For all the other measures Southwark has achieved its highest and best position when measured against outcomes in 2018 and 2019.

Councillor Jasmine Ali, cabinet member for children, schools and adult care, said: “Thank goodness the government has changed its mind. 

“I am very angry that pupils had to go through this unnecessary disruption. 

“But I am now delighted and relieved that teachers, who know the children’s work better than anyone, have assessed performance so pupils got the grades they deserve. 

“My heart goes out to all those teachers and pupils who have dealt so well with all this disruption. 

“Well done for getting through these tough times. It must have been so upsetting for young people to miss school, miss their friends, and then face such uncertainty on how their results will be given, right up to the final hour. 

 “I am immensely proud of all our young people, and their exam results even at this very difficult time. Congratulations to you all.”

Provisional figures show 46.9 per cent of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate; an increase of 9.3 percentage points on the previous year.

From the thirteen schools that have returned their provisional results, all but one additionally provided a figure for the percentage of pupils achieving a ‘strong pass’; grades 9 to 5.

Based on those twelve schools, 33.7 per cent of pupils achieved a strong pass in the English Baccalaureate.  This represents a 9.4 percentage point increase on the previous year’s performance.

Overall,  75.7 per cent of pupils achieved grade 9 to 4 in English and maths – a 9.5 percentage point improvement on the previous year

 And with regards to a ‘strong pass’ in English and maths, 53.3 per cent of pupils in all thirteen schools achieved grade 9 to 5 English and maths.  This figure represents a 7.9 percentage point increase.


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