£8,000 raised to help family of man on life support in Portugal after balcony fall

Katherine Johnston (21 August, 2019)

An air ambulance and team of medics could cost £30,000

31471Oliver Hillier, who is in hospital in Portugal

The family of a man in intensive care in Portugal after falling from a hotel balcony have raised more than £8,000 towards his medical costs – but are still far from the tens of thousands need to bring him back to the UK.

Oliver Hillier, from Walworth Road, remains on life support after having brain surgery for his injuries after falling from a balcony on July 22, while on a family holiday with his mother – for whom he is a carer – and grandmother and nephew.

Although the trainee firefighter’s emergency treatment was covered under the EU reciprocal healthcare agreement, it is believed after August his family will face escalating care costs as he is believed to not have been covered by valid travel insurance.

It is estimated to cost in excess of £30,000 to bring him back via air ambulance with a specialist team of medics.

To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/hvv5q-bring-our-brother-home


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