SE1 helped by Air Ambulance more than almost any other postcode

News Desk (03 March, 2016)

The charity tended to 31 people in the area in 2015

4959Air Ambulance in Southwark Park after June incident

The London Air Ambulance treated more people in SE1 than in almost any other postcode in the capital last year.

The charity tended to 31 people in the area in 2015, bettered only by W1 with 32 and N1 with 38. Southwark as a whole saw 44 people treated.

The service helps critically injured people within the M25, many of whom are in locations where normal road ambulances would struggle or take too long to reach them.

Last year, the charity successfully fundraised for the purchase of a second helicopter. However, CEO Graham Hodgkin said that more donations were still necessary in order to pay for continued running of the service.

He said: “Now with two helicopters to maintain, and the extension of our daylight flying hours in the summer months, the cost of providing our service to London has increased to £6 million each year. Donations are needed now more than ever to maintain the delivery of our advanced trauma care to London, and I am urging people to please continue to support the charity, whether that’s donating, volunteering, taking part in an event or asking the organisation you work for to support us.”

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