A Level Results Day 2020: Alleyn’s says results are ‘very strong’ despite ‘extraordinary’ challenges

Katherine Johnston (14 August, 2020)

'I am full of admiration for the impressive fortitude this unique cohort has shown'

38315From left to right: Elena, Ore and Romy. Ore was School Captain for the 19/20 school year with Elena and Romy as his vice-captains. Elena goes on to study Medicine, Ore to study Dental Surgery/Oral Science, and Romy will have a gap year before taking up a degree in Natural Sciences.

Alleyn’s described its Year Thirteen’s results this year as ‘very strong’ despite the ‘extraordinary and very challenging circumstances’. 

In a statement the school said both boys and girls performed well, with the vast majority going on to take up places at leading universities in the UK and overseas.

Headmaster Dr Gary Savage said: “I am truly proud of our students’ achievements every year, and this extraordinary year is no exception. 

“I trust their results are a cause of satisfaction, relief and even pride – they certainly should be, as they are the product of many years’ hard work and dedication by our brilliant students. 

“I am full of admiration for the impressive fortitude this unique cohort has shown throughout an undoubtedly frustrating period, and for all they have achieved academically and generally in their years at Alleyn’s. 

“We know what excellent young people they are, and we have been proud and privileged to know them. I am confident they will go on to flourish as Alleyn Old Boys & Girls (AOBGs), taking all they have learned at the School with them into adulthood.”

Head of upper school, Dr Rob Atkinson said the school knew some students would be disappointed and the picture around results is ‘likely to change’ but that staff would continue to offer support to the school leavers.


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