A Level Results Day 2020: Thirteen students at Kingsdale gained ‘at least two A*s’

Katherine Johnston (13 August, 2020)

Kingsdale is one of the most popular state schools in the country

38239Frederick Mitchell with his excellent grades

At least 31 students from Kingsdale School in West Dulwich achieved one A* at A level, and thirteen students achieved at least two A*.

Among them are Zelda Brufal who achieved an A* in Mathematics, A* in Music and A in Physics. She will study Music at Girton College, Cambridge.

Kingsdale’s Zelda on Results Day 2020


Camilo Opoku gained an A* in Computer Science, A* in Maths, B in Biology, and C in Further Maths.


Phoebe O’Connor is off to the University of Liverpool with her A* in Sociology, A in Geography, and B in politics.


Socially distanced students collecting their results

News readers may remember Frederick Mitchell’s phenomenal GCSE results in 2018.

He achieved ten Grade 9s, one A**,  two A*s and a Grade 8 in his exams and was believed to be the country’s top performing student.

Today he received an A* in Further Maths; A* in Maths; A* in Physics and an A in Spanish – though the school hope that will be revised to an A* after an appeal.

He is now preparing to go to Durham University to study Maths.

Frederick Mitchell celebrating his grades


Evelyn Parsons received an A* in History, and A* in Music, A in Mathematics and an A in History. She is going to study German at the University of York


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