A Level Results Day: James Allen’s Girls’ School praises students and teachers for ‘impressive results’

Katherine Johnston (10 August, 2021)

'They are kind, resilient and have a very promising future ahead of them'


James Allen’s Girls’ School’s headteacher says her students have learned valuable life skills while studying for their A Levels during the pandemic as she praised their ‘impressive results’ 

In a statement published on A Level results day, the school said its pupils had achieved ‘excellent grades’ after an ‘extraordinary time’ for its year thirteens. 

The school has also praised its teaching and support staff for their efforts including helping students adapt to changing guidance at extremely short notice. 

Headteacher Mrs Alex Hutchinson, said: “I wish all students who are receiving their results the best of luck today.

“Our Year 13 pupils have shown themselves to be an exceptional year group. 

“They are kind, resilient and have a very promising future ahead of them. 

“They should be very proud of what they have achieved, and I wish them every success, whatever path they choose to follow.”


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