A Level Results Day: Record achievements in turbulent times

Katherine Johnston (13 August, 2021)

There has been a significant uplift in students achieving the highest grades of A* and A in Southwark

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School leavers in Southwark are celebrating overcoming one of the most turbulent academic years in peacetime.

Successive lockdowns, remote learning and the personal impact of COVID-19, which has  affected so many families, changed their day-to-day lives beyond recognition since March 2020.

Across the country students have achieved record levels of top grades which few could argue are anything other than indicative of the determination and efforts of all in the classroom – whether in person or online – including staff, pupils and the parents who helped with home learning.

Southwark Council says early indications show improvements across all grade boundaries in the borough’s schools, with a significant uplift in students achieving the highest grades of A* and A.  The overall percentage of entries achieving a pass (A*-E) result remains unchanged from last year.

In a change from last year, these grades have been awarded from teacher assessments against criteria provided by exam boards, rather than the government’s much-maligned algorithm.

Cllr Jasmine Ali, deputy leader and cabinet member for children, young people and education, said: “Southwark can be immensely proud of its young people, as we welcome a set of truly remarkable A-level results.

“Despite the unrelenting pressure and disruption of the past eighteen months, Southwark students have performed exceptionally well, which is testament to all the hard work of teachers, pupils and parents right across the borough.

“We know the pandemic has brought great uncertainty for many school leavers thinking about their next steps.

“This is why we’re linking young people in the borough with local opportunities that will help them access further education, jobs, training and work experience that reflect their ambitions and hard work. We want our young people to get the start they need to fulfil their potential, having achieved such fantastic exam results.”

Visit www.southwark.gov.uk/nextstepmailinglist for more information.


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