A Panto To Warm the Muff

Staff Reporter (13 December, 2020)

This hilarious gem is like stumbling on water in a dessert. 


Like the gift that keeps giving, Eagle Theatre delivers a festive surprise with this adult pantomime, ‘Frostbite, Who Pinched My Muff?’, writes Carolyn Hart Taylor.

Written by Gareth Joyner and directed by Robert McWhir, this production makes merry by the bucketload, and key to its success is the genuine joy radiating from the cast members as they play characters with the saucy bawdiness necessary for a jolly good let-your-hair-down occasion. And why not? This hilarious gem is like stumbling on water in a dessert. 

At the heart of this wintery caper, is an alpine-themed setting where delightful, silver Fairy Snowflake(Kingsley Morton), enchantingly sets the scene, warning of her dastardly brother Demon Frostbite(Nathan Taylor), superbly strutting, snarling and plotting his dark-hearted deeds. 

Pursued by the scheming Demon Frostbite, Dereck Walker delivers a hilarious performance as the iconic panto Dame Herda Gerda, with her tongue-in-cheek innuendos literally freezing the snowy air. Larger than life Dame Herda encourages audience participation, declaring: ‘Aww, me hands are nippy’, and in true panto style we scream back, ‘Shove ‘em in your muff’!’ Alongside some sweary songs, adults are guaranteed a guilt-free night’s entertainment. 

With the polar icecap melting, audiences must ensure the survival of Lumiukko(James Lowrie), literally ‘snow’ camping it up with his singing, dancing, and all-round cheeky fun as he gets us to sing ‘Hot Hot Hot’, after all, we love snow and must protect him from a melting death. 

Where there’s ice, there are lederhosen-clad characters running amok in this glacial tale. Garbo(Shelley Rivers), gazes off into the horizon, remote as her namesake in pursuit of love interest Greta(Bessy Ewa). Gingham clad Greta and dad Bergemeister Kai(Tom Keeling) are key players in dancing, singing and the storyline, as the whole cast delivers a wonderful opportunity for audiences to escape reality by way of this wickedly funny show. 

A wintery wonderland pantomime leaves you with a warm glow. 

The Garden Theatre at The Eagle, 349 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5QY until 10th January. Times: Tues – Thurs 7pm; Fri – 6pm; Sat – 2pm & 6pm; Sun – 6pm. Admission: From £18.00 + bkng fee

Bookings/website: www.gardentheatre.co.uk

Images: NatLPho


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