Ada Salter 100: Beautification comes to Bermondsey again as hundreds plant tulips

Josh Salisbury (12 November, 2020)

Ada Salter planted tulips a century ago - and now Bermondsey residents have done the same

40398Isaac was among those planting the tulips

Hundreds of residents across Bermondsey have planted tulips to commemorate the centenary of Ada Salter’s beautification campaign.

On November 1, ten thousand tulips were planted across Bermondsey by the Greener Bermondsey project – inspired by Ada’s example of planting tulips.

Ada was the first woman mayor of Bermondsey, and is known for her beautification committee, which transformed the area.

Residents involved in Greener Bermondsey, a non-partisan group, planted the tulips all over Bermondsey, including St James’ Churchyard.

A map of the planted tulips

But they also gave some away at the Blue marketplace, with some going as far afield as Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

One of those taking part, Isobel, said the project was “spreading a bit of hope” as the country goes into winter during a lockdown.

And another involved, Kathy, said: “It’s people who make the difference if you give them the freedom and tools to do it.”

Bermondsey ward councillor, Humaira Ali, said: “In meetings over lockdown, residents cited housing, crime and the climate emergency as their top three topics.

“[Bermondsey ward councillors] Damian, William and I came together with some brilliant people to found Greener Bermondsey, a non political group with an open invitation to all residents to help lower the carbon footprint of Bermondsey.

“Let’s get Bermondsey on the map in the 21st century for yet another great reason.”

Greener Bermondsey hopes to take on more projects in the future to make the area a cleaner place to live.

Ultimately it aims to make Bermondsey one of the lowest-carbon areas in the country.


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