Alfred Salter Primary ‘requires improvement’ states Ofsted report

News Desk (10 November, 2016)

New headteacher given positive feedback about new plans for the school

13114Alfred Salter Primary School

Rotherhithe’s Alfred Salter Primary School “requires improvement” according to an Ofsted report following an inspection at the beginning of last month.

The inspection found that “turbulence in leadership” has meant that it is not ensured that “teaching is consistently good”.

Although it added that the new headteacher, Elli Prestage, had “established her strong vision for improvement”.

Ms Prestage told the News: “I started in September and in my fourth week they [Ofsted] came in. It was quite early but it was a good thing in a way. I was getting to know the school, the staff, the community and the children and had already identified areas that we needed to work on.

“We had the plan and Ofsted did agree with it but we just hadn’t had enough time to put it into action.”

She added:?“They have not surprised us and they were really positive about my plans which we have now started.

“One of the things we have changed is that we had a few members of staff in positions that did not show their skills.

“Through restructuring the leadership they are now able to go into classes and make a difference.

“The governors are also supportive of the plans since I started. One good thing the report has said is that our strengths are strong enough to see those changes go forward.

“The next inspection will be in the next two years but I’m hoping it will be sooner.”

Ofsted recommended that the school:

– Improve leadership by ensuring that: governors hold the leaders to account for pupil standards across the school

– Improve pupil outcomes by: ensuring that teachers’ feedback to pupils gives them clear guidance on how to improve their work

– Improve the early year’s provision by making sure that adults are clear about how to provide engaging and challenging activities for children


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