Amazing Maisie is top Irish dancer

News Desk (13 October, 2016)

Next stop Dublin for national champ


A Rotherhithe Irish dancer came first in the U10 Open Championships in Manchester last weekend, at the Burke Feis.

Maisie Ryan, ten, of the Deborah Whelan dance school will now travel with six fellow dancers to the All Ireland’s Championship (CLRG), in the hope of qualifying for the World Championship in City West, Dublin next April.

Maisie, who’s taught by former World Champion and Lord of the Dance member, Deborah Whelan, dedicates around fourteen hours a week to dancing.

Katie Boyd, her mum, said: “I’m so proud of her. Maisie would like to say thanks to all her main sponsors: Southwark News, Tab Creative, Arments, A & E Elkins, Star Cars, Bridge Café, Vauxhall Mania and Elite Fish Bar.

“Maisie would also like to thank her teachers, Deborah and Caroline for all their time, effort and support you have given her over the last two and a half years.”


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