Anti-mask and 5G conspiracy theorists stage protest in Peckham Morrisons

Katherine Johnston (13 August, 2020)

They told startled customers to ‘resist the new world order agenda’

35313Picture of the coronavirus

Anti-mask protestors staged a demonstration in Peckham Rye’s Morrisons where they urged shoppers to refuse lockdowns and question mask wearing rules.

An image from a video posted by the group

Speaking through a megaphone, the members from StandUp X, a 5G conspiracy theorist group, told startled customers to ‘resist the new world order agenda’ in the protest a fortnight ago.

StandUpX describes itself as a community ‘protesting and standing up for our rights across England’. They believe COVID-19 measures are ‘illegal and disproportionate’, ‘a state of authoritarian control’, and are against vaccinations, ‘surveillance tracking’ through track and trace. They also claim 5G is necessary for ‘implantable microchips’.

Parliament’s digital, culture, media and sport committee has called on the government to publish draft legislation on social media regulation after the rise of pandemic misinformation and conspiracy theories.

MPs are worried that dangerous misinformation has spread online through social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp as there is currently no UK law to regulate their content.

Although Facebook, Google and Twitter and have all taken varying degrees of action to tackle the issues, self-regulation is not enough to tackle the scale of the problem.


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