Appeal after men ‘lured to hotel to do fake nude game show’

Josh Salisbury (14 December, 2020)

Victims were allegedly told they were taking part in a game show when asked to do naked 'challenges' on camera

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A man has told police he was lured to a hotel in south-east London under the promise of being in a game show – only to be made to do naked ‘challenges’ which were filmed.

Another victim has reported a similar ordeal, with the suspect keeping the footage, thought to be for his own gratification.

The first victim, aged 28, told police in 2018 that he had been approached by a 29-year-old man claiming to be in the entertainment industry asking him to take part in the fake ‘game show’ for a chance to win £5,000.

The victim was asked to go to a hotel in Newham to take part in several nude ‘challenges’ as part of the show, which were filmed. 

A second victim, 31, reported that in August 2013, the suspect coerced him to go to a hotel in south east London and take part in a similar fake game show.

Officers say a man, aged 29, who was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of voyeurism, was released but is under investigation.

They are appealing for anyone who may have been involved in a similar incident to come forward amid fears there may be more victims.

Sergeant James Mason, of the Met’s North East Basic Command Unit, said: “We believe there may be more victims in relation to these events. 

“I urge anyone who may be a victim of similar crimes or incidents from 2013 to the present day, to come forward with information.

“The reported incidents took place several years ago and it is important we are able to investigate these and support any further victims.”

Anyone with information or who believes they may have been a victim is asked to call 101, quoting crime reference CAD1162/11122020.


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