Arments fans can apply to become ‘pie co-ordinator’ at Walworth Road institution

Katherine Johnston (31 March, 2018)

Who posts all the pies?

21304Roy Arment and members of the pie & mash team

Fans of Walworth’s famous Arments pie and mash house could be in the running for their dream job.

The historic shop on Westmoreland Road is hiring for a new postal pie coordinator, and a counter and kitchen staff member.

The postal pie coordinator will to help manage online orders of their traditional pie and mash meals served with jellied eels and liquor, and make sure they get to hungry customers on time.

The traditional cockney shop is known for its friendly rivalry with Tower Bridge Road’s Manze’s and for its charity work across Southwark.

Third-generation Arments owners, Roy and Cheryl, say business is booming for the 104-year-old shop and its pies are now delivered all over the UK.

Mr Arment told the News: “We need hard-working, well-motivated individuals.

“We all try and help each other. Sometimes it is quite chaotic – our online orders have doubled in a year – but we normally get there in the end.

“Everyone working here likes pies and after 40 years, starting off as a Saturday boy before taking over the business, I still have at least one a week.”

To apply call 027 703 4974 or fill in the application form online at

Dromo says:

ONE PERSON will be needed to do the work of 3.1417 others ?

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