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The paintings reference the Suffragettes and the Black Lives Matter movement.

48477Microphone and Stand Ink on paper

Flat Time House presents Art Deco Zebra Crossing, a new performative exhibition by Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye. Amooquaye’s practice integrates the visual, written, and spoken word through print, text, image, and live performance. For this project, after two years in discussion with John Latham’s poetry, writing, and the domestic space of FTHo she has brought these elements together for a new performance piece alongside a series of new paintings.

Central to the presentation is a stage set comprised of a velvet dressing screen and silk wall hangings that act as a backdrop for the performance of a poem written and performed by Amooquaye and presented here as a short film. The works are made with the domestic scale of Flat Time House in mind. To perform the poem, she has designed a bespoke printed silk dress featuring hand-drawn motifs that reference recurring themes in the text. Completed in 2021, the performance builds on previous performances ‘The Vocal Project’ at Peer, London (2018), and ‘Dress Poems’ at Museum Texture Kortrijk, Belgium (2017) exploring the intersections of writing, scenography, and performance.

Amooquaye’s series of six new paintings on paper, completed in the summer of 2021, incorporate bold images and handwritten text. This work combines textual and visual research developed in the artist’s home during lockdown in 2020. The paintings reference the Suffragettes and the Black Lives Matter movement.

tiense Eno-Amooquaye’s practice integrates the visual, written and spoken word through print, text, image and live performance.

‘I am a writer, performer and maker of artwork. I explore the relationships between words and images, the artist as someone who listens, recording to collect the writing as well as the drawings. I want to present what I am doing in performance and reading in performance but also ask – where do people find me in the exhibition when I am not there?’

A number of significant works have been exhibited and performed in major contemporary art galleries and museums in the UK and internationally including Whitechapel Gallery London (2009), Peer, London (2018), Museum Texture Kortrijk, Belgium (2017) and her solo exhibition at the Poetry Library, Southbank Centre London (2014). In 2017 Amooquaye was awarded the Artists International Development Fund by Arts Council England and the British Council.

Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye is a member of the Peckham-based collective, Intoart. Since visiting Flat Time House in 2018, Amooquaye has been in conversation with Gareth Bell Jones (Curator/Director FTHo) about the work of John Latham and sharing her own practice through his studio visits to the Intoart Studio.

Established in 2000, the Intoart studio is a site of collective action and ambitious art, design and craft production. As a collective, Intoart addresses inequalities of access, participation and leadership in the visual arts and culture by people with learning disabilities and autism.

Flat Time House (FTHo) was the studio home of John Latham (1921–2006), recognised as one of the most significant and influential British post-war artists. In 2003, Latham declared the house a living sculpture, naming it FTHo after his theory of time, ‘Flat Time’. Until his death, Latham opened his door to anyone interested in thinking about art. It is in this spirit that Flat Time House opened in 2008 as a gallery with a programme of exhibitions and events exploring the artist’s practice, his

theoretical ideas and their continued relevance. It also provides a centre for alternative learning, which includes the John Latham archive, and an artist’s residency space.

Information for visitors This exhibition is free to view and booking is not required to visit the exhibition. We ask that visitors wear a face covering unless exempt. Hand sanitiser will be available on entry to the gallery.

Flat Time House, 210 Bellenden Road, Peckham, SE15 4BW from 14th – 31st October. Thurs – Sun 12 – 6pm. Admission: Free.


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