Artist Grapples With the Universe

Staff Reporter (03 September, 2020)

All of Nigel’s works in this show are unique pieces


What does it mean to depict the beginning of the universe? Nigel Swift grapples with this question in his new exhibition of monotypes at the Eames Fine Art Print Room. His atmospheric landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes attempt to portray those first five days of creation as related in Chapter 1 of Genesis. In this collection of brand new works, Nigel visually relates the transition from the ‘formless and empty’ universe to one with a differentiated sky, sea, and earth—lit by a sun and a moon.

First Snow

In his more ominous works, like Dividing Sky or Quiet Night, Nigel takes inspiration from the threatening and dark presences of landscape paintings by Rembrandt, Corot, and Van Gogh.

Working in the monotype printmaking tradition as well as with pastel on paper, all of Nigel’s works in this show are unique pieces. This is his third solo show with Eames Fine Art, and we know that this exhibition will be just as popular as his first two were.

Eames Fine Art Print Room, 159 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW from 9th September – 11th October. Admission: Free. Phone: 0207 407 6561

Main image: Two Birds


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