Aylesbury Estate’s ‘Alcatraz’ fence will stay

Admin (30 April, 2015)

Southwark Council says security review will not consider removing the barricades

1053Leaseholders said they felt like 'caged animals' after the fences were erected last month

The controversial security fence surrounding parts of the Aylesbury Estate is staying up no matter what, Southwark Council has revealed.

A review of security arrangements was promised last month, after residents complained that security guards would not let them in the gates nearest to their homes, likening living there to being held prisoner in Alcatraz.

But Cllr Mark Williams, Southwark’s cabinet member for regeneration, has exclusively confirmed to the News this week that whatever the outcome of the review, due to be completed in May, the fences will not come down.

“We are reviewing security needs on site,” he said. “The fencing, which will also be hoardings for when work begins, will remain, as it is important for remaining residents to feel safe walking through this largely empty site. But we are looking how to make the area accessible to those remaining, while still maintaining a secure site.”

The fences cost the council £140,000 to erect and an additional £10,000 to repair, after campaigners, who oppose the demolition of the Walworth Estate, ripped whole sections of it down in a demonstration earlier this month.

A report on the security review will be submitted to the Aylesbury Regeneration board on May 7 and then the issue will come to the council’s cabinet members for discussion, before a decision is made on how the security gates are managed.


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