Bakerloo line: services cut to ‘improve reliability’

Kit Heren (19 May, 2021)

In the new schedule a train will come roughly every three minutes and 45 seconds at off-peak times

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Transport for London (TfL) has cut Bakerloo line trains at off-peak times from Sunday, May 16, to “help improve reliability.”

The tube operator is now only running sixteen services an hour from Elephant & Castle to Queen’s Park at off-peak times, down fifteen percent from nineteen an hour. That means a train will come roughly every three minutes and 45 seconds. Previously that would have been every three minutes and ten seconds.

There is also a slight change southbound. Whereas before there were fifteen trains per hour between Queen’s Park and Elephant & Castle on Sunday mornings and eighteen on Sunday afternoons, now there will be sixteen an hour all day.

But on Saturdays there is no change to the twenty trains per hour service between Queen’s Park and Elephant & Castle.

Off-peak is any time other than 6.30am-9am and 4pm-7pm on weekdays. Train timetables at peak times will stay as they are, TfL said.

Trams could make a return to Southwark ‘by 2025’

Tfl added: “TfL always keeps its service levels under review, and it will continue to do so as London moves out of the pandemic and any longer-term effects on ridership become clear.”


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