Barking mad Council signage leaves Rotherhithe dog walkers confused

News Desk (05 September, 2018)

Council officials said they were going to replace it following the confusion


Contradictory council signs have left Rotherhithe dog walkers confused – because they forbid dog walking while listing rules for dog walking, writes Josh Salisbury…

The barking mad welcome signage, placed directly next to each other on Neptune Street Park, tell dog walkers completely different things.

One placard on the left gives residents a list of rules to obey when walking their dogs in the park, including picking up dog mess, walking pets on a lead when asked, and not letting more than three off at a time.

It warns dog walkers that the rules must be followed at all times – or face up to £1,000 in court.

However, directly beside it is a sign which bans dog walking in the park altogether.

The council-branded sign states: “Sorry no dogs allowed.” However, council officials have now clarified that dogs are welcome at the street park and said new signage is on its way.

Cllr Rebecca Lury, Cabinet Member for culture, leisure, equalities and communities, said: “We welcome dogs to Neptune Park, a replacement welcome sign has been ordered and will be installed shortly.”


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