Beehives in Southwark Park to be removed

Staff Reporter (22 February, 2021)

The bees have been in the park for over 10 years

30079The bandstand in Southwark Park (Image: TfL)

Southwark Council have confirmed that Southwark Park’s beehives will be removed as “potential repairs” are made to the park’s wildlife area, writes Simon Throssell…

The bees have been nesting in the garden by Gomm Road for the last decade or so.

Their hives are surrounded by hanging flowers, Irish bats and painted lady butterflies.

In an email to its members, the Southwark Park Association 1869 said: “Southwark Council has confirmed that the beehives will be removed from the wildlife area of the park.

“The reasons for this decision seem to relate to unspecified “potential repairs and improvements” to the wildlife area.

“An alternative home for the beehives in the park is being offered as a temporary measure, but there is no firm commitment to return the beehives to their well-established location in the wildlife area, or to retain them in the park at all.”

The Association is encouraging people concerned about the decision to share their views via the council’s online survey.

The email continued: “This [decision] is clearly worrying as there has been minimal, if any, public consultation on the issue.

“We will be seeking further information.”

Southwark Council’s consultation about the future of Southwark Park ends on 26th February.

The online survey can be accessed at


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