Bell House’s Free Dyslexia Fair brings together families and experts for support and advice

Katherine Johnston (23 August, 2021)

The fair runs from 10am to 4pm on Sunday, September 5


Bell House is holding its third Dyslexia Fair in Dulwich next month.

The free event, run by the educational charity based in Dulwich Village, brings together families, teachers and the wider dyslexia community to share resources and help students navigate their education. 

Speakers and panellists include experts in education Dr Susie Nyman, who will focus on multisensory teaching strategies, and Elizabeth Takyi, the founder of the award-winning organisation Aspire2Dyslexia, who will discuss ‘creating your dyslexic future’. 

Primary school dyslexia specialist teacher Ruth Pierce, and secondary school and FE dyslexia expert, Tina Hunter, will also be running one to one advisory clinics.

Ameerah Khan, a psychologist and neurodiversity coach, will hold group workshops on dyslexia awareness and the importance of emotional literacy. 

Running from 10am to 4pm on Sunday, September 5, the event will also include pilates sessions designed especially for children with dyslexia called ‘matching and mirroring’, Chi Kung to help build positivity and resilience, and ‘write sparks’ an active, fun garden workshop for children aged nine and above to inspire their own writing.

Around ten per cent of the population are believed to be dyslexic. Dyslexia is a learning difference which affects information processing, and is often manifested in difficulties with reading and writing. However, with the right support people with dyslexia can excel in any field and often have particular strengths in creative fields, problem solving and oral skills. 

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