1,600 people sign petition to pedestrianise Bermondsey Beer Mile but residents fear greenlight to ‘rowdie drinking’

Josh Salisbury (31 July, 2020)

Businesses say the move would help them recover from coronavirus, but residents are fearful of noisy drinkers

37827Hawkes Cider, Druid Street

More than 1,600 people have signed a petition calling on the council to pedestrianise the Bermondsey Beer Mile at the weekend.

Breweries on Druid Street and Enid Street say they need the measure, which would be in effect on Saturday business hours, so they can use the road for customers while socially distancing.

A councillor for the area said residents were opposed to pedestrianisation at the moment, because it could give a greenlight to ‘rowdie drinking’ underneath their bedroom windows.

“You can help save countless small businesses as they struggle to restart following closure,” states the petition.

“With pedestrianisation of some of the busiest streets in Bermondsey on Saturdays only, we can get the many bars and restaurants back up to their previous operating levels whilst keeping customers safe with outdoor drinking.

“We are proposing a plan supported by the businesses of Bermondsey, that has been used to great affect in many other London boroughs.”

Cllr Humaira Ali, ward councillor for London Bridge and West Bermondsey, said residents had been working on possible solutions, but did not support closing Druid Street to traffic.

“Residents have been working in cooperation with ourselves, businesses and the council on a safe reopening plan which includes tables and chairs out on Druid Street. 

“They’re also looking at greening the area to demarcate the road from pavements and the estate, and make the experience more enjoyable for all. 

“Residents don’t endorse pedestrianisation right now as it gives a green light for rowdie drinking underneath their bedroom and living room windows – an issue which has been ongoing for 3 years now.”

She added she hoped the compromise would work for both the businesses, who have been hit hard by the coronavirus closure, and residents who don’t want to be disurbed by drinkers.

It comes after a top Bermondsey brewery claimed that some of the beer mile’s businesses could close unless the road was closed to traffic on Saturdays to allow for extra capacity.

Mark says:

1600, WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. Bet this was signed by NON-Residents but regular customers of the place. I think the residents should setup a counter petition to put forward to southwark council to have the place shut down.

105pear says:

Do not believe those figures at all!!

Abi says:

Sorry, but whoever is complaining about the Bermondsey beer mile needs to rethink their priorities. These are independent companies looking for a way to survive after covid and people are moaning about ‘rowdy drinkers’ on the WEEKEND…the flats, are on the other side of a very wide road, unlikely that you’d hear much as most of the craft beer venues have very little outdoor seating anyhow and close quite early!

Also FYI over 1600 have signed the petition to help keep the beer mile open and wish to support these small businesses continue making great beer!


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