Bermondsey dad’s warning after stranger ‘walked into home and took off his shorts’

Admin (13 July, 2017)

'There was a man standing there and he had taken his belt off and was starting to take off his shorts'



A Bermondsey dad has warned other parents not to leave their doors open – after a stranger walked into his home and began undressing.

The father, who lives on the Kirby Estate, was at work when his partner called to tell him a man had walked into their flat and begun taking his belt and shorts off.

His partner had left the front door ajar while the couple’s daughter played nearby and as she was putting their younger child to bed, she heard someone enter the flat but they did not respond when she called out to them.

“She walked out into the hall and there was a man standing there and he had taken his belt off and was starting to take off his shorts,” said the father-of-two.

“She started shouting ‘get out of my house’ and kicking him and she managed to get him out.

“Our next door neighbour ran after him and caught up with him at Four Squares Estate and he said he had been looking for a different number.

“It was quite frightening really; she is quite on edge every time the gate goes and every time someone walks over the drain outside because it makes a noise – and I’m sat looking at every single bloke that walks past that looks like him.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “We were called to the estate at 7.50pm on June 30.

“It was reported that a male entered a premises and ran off when confronted by the occupier.

“A member of the public chased the man.

“Officers attended. No one was injured.

“There were no criminal offences. A report was made for intelligence purposes.”


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