Bermondsey nursery needs £8,000 for a new playground

Kit Heren (12 May, 2021)

'The playground has really helped the kids through the pandemic,' said manager Jacky Smith.


A Bermondsey nursery is fundraising for a new playground.

Little Acorns Day Nursery, on Drummond Road, is looking to raise £8,000 for the playground at the front of the building.

“The playground has really helped the kids through the pandemic,” said manager Jacky Smith. “It’s given them a safe space – it’s not where everyone was mixing, it was just our nursery. It was a safe runaround space – there were parents that were working so there were children that were still attending.

“But it’s a bit low on care at the moment. We had the floor done about five or six years ago so the flooring is starting to crack, the decking is becoming loose and we’re just going to get it all redone so it continues to be a nice area for children to grow, learn and develop.”

The work is due to take place in June if Little Acorns can get the money it needs. The nursery has already had some funding from Southwark Council.

Staff will take children on trips to keep them away from the building work when it takes place. To get in touch go to or call 020 7252 2300


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