VIDEO: Bermondsey World Cup estate gets St George’s flags out again to thank NHS

Josh Salisbury (15 April, 2020)

The flags spell out: "We love the NHS."


A Bermondsey estate which hit headlines around the world for its flags during the World Cup has got them out once again – this time to thank the NHS.

The Kirby Estate has become well-known for its St George’s flags decorating the whole estate when there is a game on.

But now the flags are up to pay tribute to the hard work of our nurses and doctors battling night and day to keep us safe from the coronavirus.

Residents on the estate have arranged the flags to spell out: “We love the NHS,” with a heart. The England team has even praised the display, calling it “brilliant.”

One tenant on the estate, Chris Dowse, said: “This year was always going to be a struggle on the Kirby getting any flags up due to Southwark Council’s definition of ‘major works.’”

“But, where there is a will… there’s a way.”

Video footage taken on the estate shows it also erupting into applause on Thursday evening as part of the national ‘Clap for our Carers’ campaign at 8pm weekly.

The estate was last featured in the News after residents decorated it to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Previously it had found itself gaining international attention when tenants put up more than 300 flags to cheer on Gareth Southgate and his World Cup England team.

Sadly, despite the massive support, England did not make it all the way, getting knocked out in the semi-finals 2-1 to Croatia.


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