Bermondsey’s Carragher Academy steals the show at British Open Irish Dancing Championship

News Desk (17 June, 2016)

Two dancers took first place positions in the competition with another winning the heavy reel title


Dancers from Bermondsey’s Carragher Academy stole the show at the British Open Irish Dance Championship on May 28 winning a number of titles.

Saskia Larking and Katie Draper both took first place positions in the competition with Megan Rogers winning the heavy reel title.

Adding to the academy’s success, Katy Foxcroft placed second and Sienna Nottingham entered the competition at just fourteen months old.

Carragher Academy

Teacher Jessica Carragher said: “I’m so proud of all our dancers’ achievements, especially our three champions Saskia, Katie and Megan.

“All the dancers worked really hard at class and the extra hours of practise leading up to championships paid off.

“One of highlights was watching my fourteen month year old daughter Sienna Nottingham take the stage. She loved the attention and gave the judges a wave!”

The Carragher Academy is based at the Beormund Community Centre, Abbey Street and meets every Tuesday and Thursday 5-8pm.


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