Black cab rapist John Worboys loses conviction appeal

Katherine Johnston (01 March, 2021)

He is believed to have attacked over a hundred women

26699John Worboys

Black cab rapist John Worboys has lost a bid to challenge his two life sentences in the Court of Appeal.

Three judges, including the Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett, refused to allow him to lodge permission to appeal on Wednesday, February 24. 

Worboys, an ex stripper who lived in Rotherhithe, was first imprisoned in 2009 for nineteen sexual assaults against twelve women between 2006 and 2008. 

The 63-year-old, who now goes by the name John Radford in prison, was convicted of a further four offences in 2019, dating back to 2000. 

New victims had come forward in response to a later reversed decision by the Parole Board to release him in 2018 had caused public outcry. 

Police believed he could have attacked more than a hundred victims who he picked up in his cab from the West End.

Many were assaulted after he gave them alcohol laced with drugs while claiming to be celebrating a lottery or racing windfall.


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