Black Lives Matter: When and where this weekend’s protests will be held

Katherine Johnston (20 June, 2020)

Demonstration will be held at Burgess Park on Sunday

37312Black Lives Matter demonstration in Burgess Park earlier in June (c) Walworth Society

Black Lives Matter demonstrations return to London this weekend with protests held across central London and Southwark.

Two marches – one starting at Hyde Park and the other in Vauxhall – will meet at Parliament Square this afternoon (Saturday, June 20)

The march from Vauxhall will be in black tie.

There is also a joint Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ event at 1pm at Hyde Park.

A demonstration is also planned for Burgess Park on Sunday.

More details below…

The Met have urged people to stay at home and protest in other ways but, if attending, to use face masks and hand sanitiser.


diana says:

Was that a protest down in Brixton last Wednesday and Notting Hill last night ? No mention of it here I notice and no condemnation from any of the celebrities and the likes of Lammy and Abbott. A conversation has to consider the whole story

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