Blackfriars Settlement free meals service needs more help

Kit Heren (12 May, 2021)

The freezer has been replaced and now the charity is fundraising for future meals


A service that provides food for elderly people in Southwark has raised enough money for a new freezer after its last one broke.

Blackfriars Settlement, on Rushworth Street, runs four lunch clubs per week, feeding more than 85 people. The group also delivers food to 20 people who cannot come to the free meals.

In the first coronavirus lockdown the group also delivered 3,000 meals as part of its Positive Ageing service.

But a few weeks ago the Blackfriars Settlement commercial freezer broke, where it normally keeps the large quantities of food that it gets as donations. Without the freezer, it would be very difficult to continue feeding the people the group helps every week and keep food waste low.

Blackfriars Settlement launched a crowdfunder for £1,500 and quickly reached that target. The group is now continuing to fundraise, hoping to raise another £1,000 to go towards more food for future lunches.

To contribute to the fundraiser, visit:


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