Blue Elephant Theatre Hosts a Street Party

Staff Reporter (10 September, 2021)

A daylong celebration for the community


Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, is celebrating its reopening after the coronavirus pandemic with a street party on Saturday 18th September after receiving Cultural Celebrations funding from Southwark Council.

The party will take place between 12pm and 7.30pm, outside the Jessie Duffett TRA Hall along Wyndham Road.

The street party will be a daylong celebration for the community, offering theatre, dance and music performances, games and workshops, with local traders running food stalls. The outside space will be transformed by creativity and activity and all the community are welcome. 

The street party was proposed by Blue Elephant’s Youth Board, who have had to wait out the coronavirus pandemic to see it come to fruition, and they have been involved in its planning. The party will be an opportunity for all the community to learn more about what Blue Elephant has on offer and meet the team.  

Blue Elephant Theatre is proud to be part of the Wyndham & Comber community and has been greatly touched by the support it received during the pandemic. Many of its projects pivoted online for the lockdowns but most are now back in person and following ventilation works in the venue, performances are about to restart too.

Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle, MBE, says “I am thrilled that Southwark Council has decided to fund Blue Elephant Theatre’s street party, which will be colourful, fun, magical, cheerful, musical, and exciting, plus we get to do real theatre stuff! Come and join in. Prizes to be won!”

Blue Elephant Theatre will also be open during the street party, providing bathroom and other facilities.


12pm-6pm: All day games and art activities

12:30pm-3:30pm: Art Workshop

1.30pm-2pm: Daisy’s Story: It’s Good to be Me (performance for children) 

2:15pm-2.45pm: Drama Workshop for Children

3pm-3.30pm: Daisy’s Story: It’s Good to be Me (performance for children)

4:00-4:30: Live Music

4:15-5.15pm: Drama Workshop for All Ages

5.30-6.15: Performances

Date: Saturday 18th September

Time: 12pm – 7.30pm

Location: Outside Jessie Duffett Hall, Wyndham & Comber Estate, SE5 0UB



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