Appeal to find Bobbie the kitten’s brothers and sisters after Borough man ‘tried to give him away to anyone who’ll take him’

Josh Salisbury (18 March, 2019) Health Community

During the commotion, Bobbie jumped out of the carrier onto the busy road - and was rescued by a quick-thinking couple

28434Bobbie the kitten is now safe but is "frightened" said the shelter (Image: Celia Hammond Trust)

An animal shelter has launched an appeal to help find the siblings of Bobbie the kitten, after a man in Borough allegedly tried to give him away to anyone who would take him.

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust say they’re concerned for the wellbeing of Bobbie’s litter as the man and his family appeared to be struggling to look after them.

The unknown man, who is described as being black and in his thirties, approached a couple walking on Union Street on Saturday with Bobbie in a cat carrier and tried to give him away.

He reportedly told them there were “three more kittens at his mother’s home in Elephant and Castle but that he couldn’t catch them.”

While talking to the couple he opened the carrier – and frightened Bobbie jumped out onto the busy road.

Luckily, the couple managed to chase after him and bundle him up in a coat, rescuing him from the oncoming traffic.

“The poor little mite landed in the road, it was highly dangerous,” said Lesley Mills, rescue and rehoming manager at the charity’s Lewisham branch.

“The kitten is now in our care, he’s fine [but] he’s very frightened, he’s had a terrible time.”

The shelter suspects that the man, who disappeared during the commotion, has a mother who lives in the Elephant and Castle area who is struggling to cope with catching skittish kittens.

“We think she lives at the Elephant and Castle, but we’ve got no actual location, so we don’t know where to start really,” said Ms Mills.

“I suspect his mother could be elderly, it could be that she just can’t pick them up, she may have medical issues – I just don’t know.”

If a litter of new-born kittens are not handled properly, they can become skittish and frightened, and would scratch and resist anyone trying to pick them up.

Now the shelter wants anyone who knows the man or his mother to urgently get in touch, so that they can help – saying there is no judgement on the mystery man.

“If anyone knows who the owner of the cats is, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help not judge,” added the rehoming manager.

“We could attend today as soon as we get the information – this is quite urgent.”

Anyone with information about the litter of kittens, or the man attempting to give them away can contact the shelter by emailing

Alternatively call Lesley Mills on 07909 962599.


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