BOOKS: independent Peckham book shop that began as a market stall reopens

Staff Reporter (21 April, 2021)

BOOKS began life as a market stall in Camberwell


An independent Peckham book shop has reopened after lockdown, selling “nice copies of good books for cheap prices”, its founder has said.

Peter Willis, who runs BOOKS at 20 Maxted Road in Peckham, said he sells most of the shop’s books for £1-£2. He often focuses on unusual works that have had small print runs or are even self-published.

BOOKS has had an unusual history. The business began life as a stall in Camberwell Sunday Market, before moving to an alleyway near Peckham Rye station. The new location on Maxted Road is exciting, he said.

“The alley wasn’t fully sustainable, you’re a bit exposed. I never thought when I started up I would be moving into a shop. When things have settled down a bit more, we’re hopefully going to do readings and workshops in the evenings.”

BOOKS is open from Thursday to Sunday, as Willis has another job that takes up the rest of the week.

Willis first moved to the area to study illustration at the Camberwell art college. He still lives in Camberwell. He recommends coming in person to enjoy the full BOOKS experience, but you can buy some items online here: 


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