Borough residents keep Tabard Gardens estate in blossom

Staff Reporter (18 February, 2021)

The Tabard Growers grow colourful plants to represent the vibrancy of the community.

42373Some of the flowers planted by the group

A group of resident volunteers are using their green fingers to keep the Tabard Gardens estate in blossom during the lockdown, writes Simon Throssell…

The Tabard Growers have been planting and growing in the area since 2017, choosing a wide range of vegetables and herbs to represent the vibrancy of the local community.

Speaking in a video on Twitter, vice-chair Niels Hermannsson said: “I am impressed by the progress and the prospects we have of growing and hopefully soon socialising in this wonderful spot.

“This is about people so we hope more people come and more people participate.”

Newly appointed secretary Aida Goitom Aregai commented: “I am very passionate about growing and community engagement so I look forward to learning more through my role as a secretary. I also have a plot at the Tabard Growers which I wish to grow vegetables and enjoy my time interacting with the community here.”


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