Boy, 6, thrown from Tate Modern begins speaking again in time for Christmas

Josh Salisbury (20 December, 2019)

“We have very good news to share with you. Our little knight begins to speak!" said his parents

27885Tate Modern (Image: Fred Romero / CC.20)

The boy who was thrown from the Tate Modern’s viewing platform is beginning to speak again in time for Christmas.

The six-year-old was hurled 100 feet from the Tate in August by teenager Jonty Bravery, suffering severe injuries in the process.

Bravery, 18, admitted attempted murder in court this month – and had told police he pre-planned the attempted killing because he wanted to be on the TV.

Jonty Bravery reportedly told cops he planned the attempted murder because he wanted to be on TV

In their latest update on their boy’s condition, the doting parents of the victim said he is just beginning to speak again.

“We have very good news to share with you. Our little knight begins to speak!” they said.

“He pronounces one syllable after another, not all of them, and most of the time we have to guess what he means but it’s better and better. It’s a wonderful progress!”

The little boy, who had been visiting the tourist attraction from France, is still in a “full armour” of splints and sadly still suffers pain when moving.

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“It is very difficult to see it concerning his left arm and hand, but it’s really slowly beginning to move,” added his parents.

“However, as he begins to move, sensations come back and he feels more pain, above all during the night, which is very exhausting for everybody, but he is very courageous and we stay strong for him.”

Well-wishers have raised a remarkable £150,000 for the boy’s recovery, and his parents’ have expressed their gratitude to the strangers who have pulled together to help.

They said: “Thank you, all of you. We are very gratefull for what you are doing for us.

“Your help makes it possible to offer our son the best rehabilitation, and for us to take care of our little boy everyday, to stay with him as long as he needs with the best doctors and therapists.

“Thank you also to keep us strong with all your kind messages. You can’t imagine how much it is helpful.”

Vicky Diplacto, the nurse who set up the fundraiser, said it was “amazing news.”

“I’m sure you will feel the same in that this is a hugely powerful and emotional update, but so so positive and warming to learn that he is progressing,” she said.

Bravery, originally from Ealing, is expected to be sentenced in February.


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