Breaking News: Dulwich Prep closes after ‘pupils return unwell from half-term break’

Katherine Johnston (27 February, 2020)

Head said decision was a 'precautionary measure' after NHS delays in testing the affected pupils


Dulwich Prep has closed until ‘at least the remainder of this week’ as a precautionary measure after pupils became unwell after returning from the half-term break.

In a letter to parents, head Louise Davidson did not say how many pupils were unwell or where they were returning from.

The closure is a precautionary measure after they became ill since landing in the UK.

The letter explains the affected children were ‘unrelated pupils from different sections of the school’, and had been in ‘one of the category 2 areas’.

“The families have contacted NHS 111, self-isolated and are awaiting the results of tests.

“NHS 111 have been inundated with calls since the half-term break and the delay our families have had in accessing medical help has influenced our decision.”

She said the school hoped to re-open on Monday pending results.

“If either of our pupils test positive for COVD-19 we will remain closed for a longer period while the school undergoes a full deep clean.”



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