Breaking: Rotherhithe Tunnel re-opens after faulty fire alarm causes traffic chaos

Josh Salisbury (30 January, 2019) Transport

The tunnel has re-opened after being closed for more than 24 hours after a fault was found in its fire safety systems

22554There has been a 40 per cent fall in toxic fumes at the tunnel but cars are reportedly flouting size and weight restrictions (Image: TfL)

The Rotherhithe Tunnel has re-opened within the last half an hour, TfL has told the News.

The tunnel was closed yesterday morning while engineers investigated flaws with the crossing’s fire alarm systems.

The closure caused traffic chaos last night, with large amounts of traffic on Jamaica Road, Tower Bridge, Lower Road and others.

Drivers were left waiting in long queues as a result, with the problem further compounded by a broken down vehicle on Tower Bridge.

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