Breaking: Two pupils stabbed at Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich

Admin (19 November, 2015)

One boy is in a critical condition and the other is stable


Two pupils have been hospitalised today after a stabbing at Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich.

The police and London ambulance services were called at 3:30pm to reports of a stabbing at a school in Alleyn Park.

Two fifteen-year-old boys were discovered with knife wounds and were taken to hospital for treatment.

One is in a critical condition and the other boy is in a stable condition.

One teenager has been arrested in connection with the incident and has been taken to a south London police station.

The investigation is ongoing.


Leila Katia says:

the most terrifying thing i have ever witnessed.

James Fisher says:

i was there

Asiyath Ackerman says:

This is horrible… These things shouldn’t happen at our school!

Alida Charles says:

This terrified me. The helicopter landed outside my classroom.

9jaIsFinished says:

This will carry on, unfortunately, as long as stringent measures are not taken to fight knife crime in the Uk. Maybe when an MP’s son/daughter gets stabbed to death will they take it serious but again, ‘posh’ students in ‘posh private schools’ don’t carry knives and stab themselves so no worries.

Vicky says:

There was a stabbing at the school a few weeks ago but Mr Morrison kept it quiet

Vicky says:

The school is out of control
Mr Morrison cannot cope with the running of the school. The children control the school
I would not put a dog in that school yet alone my child

Vicky says:

Join the online petition to have to have Mr Morrision sacked

Vicky says:

Join the online petition to have Mr Morrision sacked

Karon Derby says:

My son went to the school and my daughter went there for 6th form and had no problems at all both felt safe there.

The Levi of all Marcos says:

I was there and they handled it berry well Mr Morrison is an amazing teacher and you should give him creased for being soo calm about the incident and getting the school open the very next day

david towers says:

The results of multicultural violent Britain – well done you loony liberals!
Where once we had Shakespeare and Science we now have Gangsta rap and X-Factor!
Everyone so quick to blame Mr Morrison but he isnt the violent thug whose family are just as bad as there is no discipline in schools without the belt or corporal punishment – all these animals understand is the lash!

Vicky says:

Mr Morrison stop getting your staff to leave comments about how wonderful you are.
You done the same thing over the cheating of exams

Mo says:

Free my brudda Ramz??

Mo says:

Free my brudda Ramz

James says:

There are a lot of things that go on at Kingsdale that the
general public don’t know. If Mr Morrison was such a great headteacher why is
there an online petition asking for him to be removed from the school. I know
what goes on at the school and it was only a matter of time before a serious
stabbing to occur at the school. There have been a number of pupils who have
been found with a knife at the school and no action has been taken to remove
these students this includes the young man who has now been charged with
attempted murder. Instead he puts out a false statement regarding stabbing, which
caused a number of year 11’s to walk out of his assemble and also caused arguments
between himself and parents at a parents teachers meeting last week. There are a
lot of teachers in the school who want him to go because they have enough of
him. If you are wondering why the school is doing well it’s not because of Mr
Morrison but it’s because of the teachers who have a passion for teaching and
the wellbeing of the students. I do feel sorry for the teachers because they
suffer in silence and the genuinely care about the students that’s why they try
their best.

Enough is enough, the students of Kingsdale deserve better
from there head teacher, it’s time for Mr Morrison to go.

Vicky says:

Well said
Do you remember the student who brought a gun into the school and Mr Morrisson simply took it away and that was that

Vicky says:

A child was stabbed there a few weeks ago and the staff took him to hospital on the school mini bus

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