Brexit day: ‘We won’t be taking down our EU flag’ vows Southwark Council

Josh Salisbury (31 January, 2020)

We're leaving the European Union at 11pm today - but Southwark Council won't be removing its EU flag from its HQ

34482Image: An EU flag Credit: Ell Brown / CC 2.0

Town hall bosses have vowed to continue flying the EU flag from its headquarters on Tooley Street, despite the UK leaving the EU at 11pm today.

The move is a “clear show of solidarity” with the borough’s 41,000 European residents, said officials.

However, nearby City Hall will be removing its EU flag a Mayoral spokesperson told the News yesterday.

“As far as Southwark is concerned EU nationals from the 27 EU member states remain part of our diverse and vibrant communities,” said Cllr Victoria Mills, who holds the Brexit portfolio.

“EU nationals are our brothers and sisters, our partners, parents and neighbours.

“They have settled here in Southwark and make a huge contribution to the growth, prosperity, culture and community of our borough.

“For Southwark we are crystal clear that this is not a matter for debate and EU residents should never be treated no less favourably as they are at present.”

The decision has been welcomed by opposition Liberal Democrat councillor, Victor Chamberlain.

“Delighted to have sought assurances and got confirmation that the EU Flag will continue to fly from [Southwark Council] offices after tomorrow.”

Town hall bosses have also urged European citizens in the borough to apply for settled status by December 31.

Details can be found at

Sepcific help with the application for Southwark residents can be found by calling 0300 123 7379 or visiting

Maurice Watkins says:

Absolutely pathetic!! Put more support for a list cause than for their own enlightened country.

RobbieC says:

They will take it down or it will be taken down for them.

The EU flag does not represent solidarity with European people. It shows acquiescence to a political union.

Not happening.

Kevin Hall says:

The only people who want the EU flag flying are the pathetic undemocratic remain variety. When will they ever get it through their stupid heads we are not against Europe because we don’t want to stay in the EU, we are against the undemocratic system of the EU. Obviously the two parties are compatible as they don’t like free speech and democracy.

Michael Powell says:

So you tell people to remove the St George’s Cross after one complaint but what would you do if someone put in a complaint about this? Grow up and concentrate on providing services instead of making pathetic political statements. Get behind the country and make a difference, its over, get over it.

myles says:

They can take their EU flag with them when they go …

Russel Crowd says:

Good on them.

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