Buddhist temple helps launch new Kennington cafe

Staff Reporter (21 April, 2021)

The owner of Walworth cafe Louie Louie is helping run the cafe


A south London Buddhist temple and study centre is starting up a new cafe on its grounds.

The Jamyang Buddhist temple and Dharma Centre is working with the owner of Walworth cafe Louie Louie to launch the Yard Cafe in its courtyard garden on Renfrew Road.

Chris Greenwood, who runs Louie Louie on the Walworth road, said: “We are really pleased to be spreading the goodness outside our four walls at Louie Louie in Southwark up to Kennington!” 

“The Yard Cafe is a natural progression from our last collaboration, the Tennis Cafe in Burgess Park; we look forward to serving up more great food and drink in an equally stunning location.” 

Greenwood ran the Tennis Cafe in Burgess Park for a stint in 2020 and at the start of this year, before handing it back to the local community. 

Jamyang has been in the Old Courthouse for the past 25 years. The building itself went up in 1869.


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