Burgess Park court injunction: Stopping men having sex in bushes is homophobic, says Peter Tatchell

Katherine Johnston (02 October, 2020)

Police and Southwark Council had received numerous reports of explicit sex acts taking place during the day near kids' play areas

10588Burgess Park by C Ford

Veteran gay rights campaigner and former Bermondsey parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell has branded Southwark Council ‘homophobic’ over its efforts to stop gay cruising in Burgess Park.

As the News has reported, Burgess Park has developed a reputation as hookup area in recent years but park goers have been particularly concerned about sex acts, including those being filmed, taking place in daylight hours.

Complaints to police include cases where parents and children have witnessed sex acts. One distraught mum hurried away her children after stumbling across men having sex at 8am on a Sunday morning. Much of the activity occurs in close proximity to children’s play areas.

Tatchell said the council should have liaised with the LGBT+ community before seeking its year-long injunction, which is mainly in response to repeated all-night raves, BBQs and large gatherings.

He claimed cutting back greenery was ‘eco vandalism’ that would simply make it more likely that any passersby would get an eye-full.

Judging by the replies online, few agree with him.  “I was witness to public sex when I was about eight years old,” said one poster.

“It traumatised me something awful. I could not eat, I could not sleep and I carried a huge weight of shame guilt and confusion.

“It’s deviant and AGAINST THE LAW for good reason.”


John Davies says:

What the fuck is the Southwark News doing giving Tatchell media space to spread his sickening views. What sort of sick twisted nonce would like to shag another men in view of school children. Stop advertising these sick bastards for fuck sake

Joe Curry says:

Throw a bucket of cold water over them?

Amanda says:

Peter tatchell what you do in the privacy of your own home is entirely your choice, however what you are suggesting is that it is OK for my Daughter who wants to play on the swing to watch two men at it in the bushes. It’s not OK, It’s a sexual offence and a public order offence and quite frankly, disgusting! A park is a PUBLIC space… George Michael got done for indecent acts so weather you are gay straight or bisexual the same rule APPLIES.. ITS AN OFFENCE AND AGAINST THE LAW, NOT HOMOPHOBIC, do get it now?

diana says:

Undeliverable . Thank god they were not wearing dresses or the trans mob will be on it

Dave Marshall says:

Crazy. Please stop giving Mr Tatchell the oxygen of publicity. Stories like this just help homophobia – they are precisely the kind of outlier which enables people of ill will to point and say ‘see?’

Of course people shouldn’t have sex in parks. Regardless of whether it’s straight sex or gay sex.

Max Phillerstein says:

Just curious to see if you’re still censoring comments that you disagree with…

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