Burgess Park injunction warning to rowdy park-goers

Katherine Johnston (01 April, 2021)

Those who do not comply could face fines and up to two years in prison

37549Burgess park suffered extreme littering from picnics, parties and BBQs during the first lockdown

Southwark Council has reminded residents eager to celebrate lockdown lifting throughout March and April that the injunction for Burgess Park will remain in place throughout spring and summer 2021.

As the News reported last year, residents were left distraught by all-night raves, anti-social behaviour and rampant littering.

After a spate of unlicensed music events that turned violent and continuing complaints of public sex acts being performed in daylight hours near children’s play areas, the council and police secured a court injunction last September.

The injunction specifically bans amplified sound/music; lighting equipment; arquees; gatherings of more than 20 people, after 9pm; sexual activity; carrying a weapon and fighting and violence.

Those who do not comply are in contempt of court and can be fined and, potentially, face up to two years in prison.


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