Cabbie is first to use Southwark’s new on-street electric car chargers

Katherine Johnston (28 November, 2018)

New chargers will make it easier to switch to electric vehicles

26774Cabbie Reiss Woodward and Cllr Livingstone with the new charger

A cabbie from Southwark is the first to be to charge his electric taxi with Southwark’s new on-street chargers.

Reiss Woodward says being able to use the lights right outside his house is a ‘game changer, as he no longer has to park away from his house to charge his cab.

As the News has reported, Southwark Council is working with Siemens and ubitricity to install around 60 sockets for residents with on-street parking to use for electric vehicles.

The sockets can be simply added onto existing street lights, with residents having the option to pay as you go, or use their own personal energy tariff with a ‘SmartCable’.

Cllr Richard Livingstone, cabinet member at Southwark Council, said: “These electric vehicle charge points are being installed in residential streets, outside people’s homes, in response to feedback from our residents.

“We want to help people to make decisions that improve air quality here in Southwark, be that by walking, cycling and taking public transport, or by using clean fuel.

“These new charge points are making it easier than ever for people who live in Southwark to make the switch to electric vehicles.”


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