Calvary Temple holds prayer walk after Camberwell stabbings

Katherine Johnston (04 September, 2018)

'Pray against the atrocities and senseless loss of lives'


Calvary Temple held a prayer walk in the aftermath of the quadruple stabbing on the nearby Elmington Estate in Camberwell as knife crime continues to escalate across London.

Pastor David Sappleton said the Pentecostal church based on Councillor Street had decided to hold its first prayer walk at 7.30pm on Friday, August 24, to coincide with youth group sessions and “get onto the streets and pray against the atrocities and senseless loss of lives among our teenagers and young people”.

Camberwell has been hit particularly hard by the rise in violent crime affecting young people, after the tragic deaths of Rhyhiem Barton, Sidique Kamara and a multiple stabbing on the Elmington Estate this year.

He said: “We at Calvary want to demonstrate our compassion and concern, not just within the confines of the church walls, but to the constituents which we serve and minister to.”

Congregation member Norma Nelson told the News: “We are all sad about the stabbings recently and want to reclaim back our community as a safe , family area.”

The walk began at Camberwell New Road towards Denmark Hill, down Coldharbour Lane, through Brixton Road and ended near the Elmington Estate after going through Walworth via John Ruskin Street.


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