Officers identify victim of ‘horrific’ assault in Camberwell street

Josh Salisbury (26 September, 2018)

A man and a woman have been charged with attempted murder

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A ‘horrific’ assault victim, who was found fighting for life in a Camberwell street, has been able to speak to officers.

Police had appealed for the public’s help in identifying the man, who was found suffering severe head injuries in Warner Road at 5:41am on September 15.

The 42-year-old was rushed to hospital for medical treatment – but awoke on Monday and was able to identify himself to police.

He has not been named, but officers said the Southwark resident is expected to make a full physical recovery.

A man and a woman were arrested on September 15 and have since been charged with attempted murder.

Detective Sergeant Tim Hiller of Southwark Police said: “The victim of this horrific assault is fortunately set to make a full recovery, thanks to the aid administered by the initial responding officers, paramedics and NHS staff.

“We are very grateful to all those members of the public who called in with information regarding the possible identity of the victim.”


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