Camberwell Costcutter set to deliver 24/7

News Desk (12 January, 2017)

Camberwell Costcutter will work with online service Alchemy Wings to deliver what you want round-the-clock

14298Shamoon Afzal, owner of Camberwell Costcutter, will bring a 24/7 delivery sevice

Want a Kit-Kat and a six-pack at 2am but can’t be bothered to leave your armchair? Now it’s possible, writes Becky Morton…

A Costcutter in Camberwell is set to provide a 24/7 delivery service to customers, who can simply go online and with just a few clicks any product of their choice will be on their doorstep within the hour.

The service will be delivered through a partnership with Alchemy Wings, London’s first on-demand food and drinks delivery service. The company uses a similar model to Amazon Prime Now, providing a 24/7 delivery service for local convenience stores. Customers simply visit Alchemy Wings’ website to choose a product and place an order.

The site also allows customers to compare the prices of a product in the local shops where the service is available, enabling them to choose the best-value option. The delivery service costs £3, plus £2 if ordering after midnight.

Shamoon Afzal, owner of Costcutter at 169 Camberwell Road said: “At last we can start to get a piece of the digital convenience economy. I’ve been giving local people what they want for decades, this is going to enable us to do it for decades to come. My corner shop will now be in your pocket.”

Alchemy Wings Founder, Sam Martin, hopes his company will enable local corner shops to compete with big supermarkets.

He said: “Corner shops are run by local heroes – they’re working every hour imaginable, so that if I want a Kit-Kat and a bottle of Merlot at 3am I can have it. They deserve the right to take on the big supermarkets on their own terms – and they’re going to win.”

Since its launch in July 2016, Alchemy Wings has already partnered with 50 stores across London, including in Peckham and Bermondsey, with plans to expand into other UK cities.

Customers can place an order at


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