Camberwell Green needs a weapons bin, says knife crime expert

Katherine Johnston (26 September, 2018)

'You can't ask people to 'Bin that Blade' unless you provide a bin'


The chair of Camberwell Green’s safer neighbourhood ward panel is petitioning for a new weapons bin to be installed in Camberwell Green to combat the growing number of fatal stabbings.

Currently there are weapons bins at Sainsbury’s on Dog Kennel Hill, Manor Place in Walworth, and outside Herne Hill Baptist church on Half Moon Lane.

Mark Webb told the News he has requested that police install a weapons bin in the area after a series of high-profile stabbings and on-going violent crimewave, and has petitioned the council for support.

He said: “Tens of thousands of blades, knives, offensive weapons, firearms and ammo have been placed in weapons bins all over the UK in the last few years.

“Thousands of violent crimes have been avoided in the process.

“Mums and Dads find the knives in their son’s bedroom and want to bin them safely, teens who have been carrying are subject to peer pressure and they bin, we have heard of school kids who have been given knives for protection binning them.

“You can’t ask people to ‘Bin that Blade’ unless you provide a bin.”

Police advise anyone who wants to dispose of a knife safely to wrap or secure it safely and seal with sticky tape.

On the way to a knife bin, you should plan your route carefully and avoid areas where well known gangs be.

It may be safer to take the knife during the daytime.

A council spokesperson said: “It is great to see local communities joining forces to help tackle knife crime in our borough and we would support any residents that wanted to take steps to improve safety in their community.”

Southwark Police were unable to respond before the News went to press.


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